• syriafamily18p Ismail and Nahed are a Syrian husband and wife living safely in Toledo with their three children, but fearing for their families who remain in Syria the couple asked their their last name and their faces not be shown. Ismail was forced to flee Syria as the war intensified, coming to the U.S. on a tourist visa in May of 2012 before applying for asylum. Nahed and their three children lived in Egypt, separated from Ismail for more than three years before they were able to join him in 2014. Now, the couple are on the path to American citizenship and happy to be together. Ismail said that he had originally hoped to return to Syria, but as the war drags on, "It's a big dream and it's getting smaller every day."   THE BLADE/KATIE RAUSCH

PHOTOS: Syrian families find themselves in limbo after fleeing war

The ongoing war in Syria has produced an international refugee crisis, and forced many of the country’s citizens to flee by other means, such as seeking asylum. The war has also divided families, leaving some in Syria and the Middle East while those who have made it out to countries such as the United States struggle to reunite the family abroad.