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Mideast in the Midwest survey results

The Mideast in the Midwest survey results have been recoded and analyzed with the help of the University of Toledo’s sociology department. Data sets were compared to each other in order to draw comparisons between ethnic communities and religious groups in Greater Toledo.

Mideast in the Midwest Survey

This is a survey of the Middle Eastern population in the Toledo area. Arabs, Middle Easterners, North Africans, and other ethnic groups from the region are not counted in their own racial or ethnic category on the decennial United States census. They are counted in the ‘white’ category, which

A guide to key terms

Key Terms: Head of Household: Anyone who has paid more than half of the costs of maintaining a home in the current calendar year. Generation U.S. Born: For the purposes of this project, ethnic ancestry in the United States will be traced by the generation in which the individual