The price of Arafat’s kiss

AN ORAL HISTORY: With Iraq in the news again, we bring you a story from the archives, of a local man looking back at the First Gulf War. Mustafa Sugheir shared his story with The Blade this past winter. The Palestinian American owned the Ohio Overseas corporation in Toledo,

Mideast in the Midwest Survey

This is a survey of the Middle Eastern population in the Toledo area. Arabs, Middle Easterners, North Africans, and other ethnic groups from the region are not counted in their own racial or ethnic category on the decennial United States census. They are counted in the ‘white’ category, which

Songs in Little Syria

Manira Saide-Sallock, 74, discusses her late father Mohammed Saide singing the Aataba in north Toledo’s Little Syria neighborhood with Shadid Ya’qub, the father of late actor Danny Thomas. The Aataba is an improvised, melancholy ode sung in Arabic.